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“6-Day Kid” Crochet Blanket

This guide will walk you through creating the beautiful “6-Day Kid” Crochet Blanket. This project is perfect for beginners and experts alike, and in just six days you’ll have a charming piece on your hands. Let’s start!

Necessary materials:

Soft wool yarn in the color of your choice.
Crochet hook compatible with the chosen thread size.
Tapestry needle to sew at the ends.

Step 1: Choosing the thread and needle
Choose a soft wool yarn and crochet hook that are compatible with each other. Consult the yarn label to determine the recommended needle size.

Step 2: Make a base chain
Chain a number of stitches that are multiples of 6 + 3 to determine the size of the quilt. For example, if you want a 90 cm wide blanket, make a chain of 153 stitches (90 stitches multiples of 6 + 3).

Step 3: First row of double crochet
Starting at the 4th stitch from the hook, work a double crochet (DC) in each stitch in the base chain. Continue until the end of the row. Turn the work over.

Step 4: High stitch in relief
Make 1 chain (to go up) and a double crochet in relevance on the next 5 double crochet rows. To double crochet in relevance, insert the needle in front of the stitch below the previous row, wrap the yarn around the needle, pull through a loop, double crochet as normal.

Step 5: Repeat the pattern
Repeat Step 4 until you reach the desired blanket length. Switch between cores if desired to create a unique pattern.

Step 6: Finalization
Finish your quilt by weaving in the loose ends with a tapestry needle. Hide the ends securely and cut off excess thread with scissors.

Additional Tips:
Remember to maintain even tension throughout the project to ensure the quilt lies flat and well finished.
If you’re new to crochet, practice the basic stitches before starting the project.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns to personalize your blanket.
Now that you have all the information possible, grab your materials and start creating your own “6-Day Kid” Crochet Blanket. Have fun and enjoy the creative process!

Access the step-by-step video

This gorgeous pattern was designed by Betty Mcknit:
Access the full standard / Access Pattern

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We wish you all a great week, full of joy, happiness, love and especially lots of yarn to start another beautiful crochet project.
With lots of love and respect, Crochet Today!

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